Bjórkvöld miðvikudag 19. janúar kl. 21

18.01.2011 09:10

Bjórkvöld SVEF verður haldið n.k. Miðvikudag 19. janúar kl 21.00 á efri hæð Sólon.
Umræðuefni kvöldsins verður "Green Information & Communication Technologies".
Fundarstjóri verður Ruth Shortall, sjálfbærnisstjóri og forritari hjá Green Qloud

Nánar um Ruth og efni fundarins:

Green ICT

While the ICT sector holds many of the keys that are essential to a greener economy, the sector is also consuming more and more energy and is responsible for a growing percentage of global carbon emissions.

With the current interest in Iceland as a location for "greener" data centers and cloud computing services, we aim to take a closer look at the sustainability issues in this industry.

In this discussion we hope to generate ideas on how we can ensure sustainable development within ICT in the context of Iceland and beyond.

Ruth Shortall is sustainability manager and developer at GreenQloud, an Icelandic company offering green cloud computing services.

Ruth has worked in both the IT and environmental sectors for several years. She holds a BComm in international commerce with French from University College Dublin, an MSc in computer science from Queen´s Belfast and an MSc in environment and natural resources from Háskoli Islands.

GreenQloud is an Infrastructure as a Service Provider and offers a carbon neutral cloud service. GreenQloud rents computing resources and services such as virtual servers, data storage space, enterprise monitoring and auto-scaling services by the hour. Greenqloud only uses 100% clean and renewable energy. Their software and hardware partner community make up the world's first truly green competitively priced public compute cloud and franchise brand.

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